Are Your Employees Objecting to Cleaning the Office?

Why Use a Janitorial Service Provider?

The overall responsibilities of janitor positions include cleaning tasks, such as removing trash vacuuming carpets and floors, and the general upkeep of space. With most cases, this individual with also oversee climate control functions too. This could include maintaining a furnace, thermostats, or a boiler system. Some will also troubleshoot plumbing problems, handling jobs pertaining to hot and cold water, and replacing leaky pipes and faucets and much more.

A janitor that works in a school is sometimes known as a custodian. In addition to their basic duties, they could also ensure all doors are locked after closing hours and any alarm systems are set before they close the building for the night. A head custodian could oversee a cleaning crew; however, this will greatly depend on the size of the building.

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