Not Sure If You Should Hire a Cleaner or Janitor?

What You Can Expect from You Janitor Service

Janitors are people that oversee the cleaning within businesses and public structures. A person can work for a private company, be part of a janitor service team, or a member of staff for a public service. While this type of job does not call for any higher level of education, people that have supervisory roles in this profession have some type of college experience.

  • The general duties of a janitor are cleaning tasks, such as taking out the trash, vacuuming the carpets, sweeping and cleaning floors, and generally keeping a space in a well kept fashion. In most cases, this individual can also maintain the climate control functions that are within a building too. This can range from maintaining a furnace to controlling the thermostats or maintaining a boiler system. Some also troubleshoot plumbing problems, performing maintenance jobs on the hot and cold running water, repairing or replacing pipes and faucets which leak, and even replacing toilets and sinks if it is necessary.
  • A janitor that works in a school or another government owned building is sometimes called a custodian. In addition to their normal duties, they could do others, like ensuring all the doors are securely locked after hours, and alarm systems are set before a building is closed for the night. The head janitor could be in charge of an entire cleaning team; however, this will greatly depend upon the size of a building.
  • Sometimes, a janitor will work in the day time; however, most can be found working in the evenings when all the staff have left the building for the day. This is more so when working within office buildings, so the daily running of an office is not disrupted by noisy vacuums and wet floors.
  • One can work for a particular company or a janitor service that has a contract to perform certain cleaning and maintenance duties.

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